My Life On The Internets: A Year Later

It has been a year since I changed the way I deal with Internet now, and I would like to share some updates. I am pretty satisfied with my current setup, but a few things could be improved.

I am more than happy with Fastmail (affiliate link) for emails, calendars, and contacts. It works very well! It has everything I ever needed, and support team is amazing! The only missing feature is that, when sending an event invitation from my phone or laptop, it uses my Fastmail email, e.g., [email protected] rather than my own email, i.e. [email protected]. Yet, this should be supported soon.

I do not use any Instant Messaging application anymore. I was a Google Talk user, but as I do not use it anymore, I simply do not use any IM client anymore. It is fine though, since email and SMS work well. Oh, and there is Slack now :-) Unfortunately, I now use WhatsApp, which is a Facebook company now. Not my best choice, but it is a bit like fighting against Skype with family/friends, a tough job.

Another “complicated battle” is related to the use of encrypted emails. I still do send more cleartext emails than encrypted ones. It is a bit sad but definitely understandable. I do not think people care enough about privacy. Also, I do not use iPGMail on my iPhone anymore, and it is likely better since most of the encrypted emails I receive/send are business-related.

A couple months ago, I bought a Raspberry Pi 2 for my place. I wanted to try self-hosting, i.e. hosting at home my server, my data, and my services. I first installed Tiny Tiny RSS, the best RSS feed reader ever! The feature I love is the daily email digest. Every morning, I get an email at 8am, offering a few links to read. Since there is an abstract for each link, I can ignore those I am not interested in so that I do not spend to much time reading.

I also self-host a Pastebin like, called ZeroBin, and lately ownCloud. The latter actually brings a new way of thinking: we can go deeper (Hi Cobb!). Indeed, ownCloud 8 is amazingly stable and fast, and it is now possible to replace Dropbox (or Drive), but also to self-host calendars and contacts. I would not self-host my emails though since emails are rather critical, and should not be unavailable for too long. At work, we chose to self-host most of our tools, including files, calendars, and contacts. I may consider moving my personal calendars/contacts from Fastmail to my ownCloud instance too. In case you do not want to manage your “own” ownCloud, there are countless providers: in France, I would recommend Framadrive.

Last but not least, I keep using Instapaper, the last web application that I am not self-hosting, even though Wallabag seems more and more what I need. What is weird is that I do not know why… Oh, and I still did not find any Disqus alternative.

If you have any suggestions/ideas/whatever or want to share your own experience, comments are open :-)

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