Did I Tell You Open Source Was Awesome?

Few months ago, my father gave me a Karotz (the new Nabaztag) for my birthday. In the same time, I started to learn how to write a Jenkins plugin, and I knew this kind of rabbit could be programmed. That’s why I decided to write a Karotz-Plugin.

As an Open Source Software enthusiast, I published my code on GitHub right at the beginning. The plugin was in a work in progress state, but quite usable. Unfortunately, I was unable to improve it for few weeks.

When I got some free time to work on it, I saw my repository was forked. Surprise! Someone improved my work, and published it as an official Jenkins Plugin. Wonderful!

So, I pulled the repository, and learnt a lot from the developer who worked on the plugin. Isn’t it awesome? First, my code has been reused. Second, I learnt new things. Oh! And I got an awesome plugin for Jenkins and my Karotz!

To sum up, it’s a often really good idea to open source everything, even if it’s a draft, a work in progress, or just an idea. Someone could find this idea awesome, and could work on it. And thanks to GitHub, to open source something is really really easy :)

By the way, if you found a typo, please fork and edit this post. Thank you so much! This post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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