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Taking Geocoder To The Next Level

Almost two years ago, I was pushing the first commits of a project that was anything but useful. I worked on this project to ease @themouette’s life while he was playing with the Google Maps API. I named this project Geocoder because I could not come up with a better name…

A few weeks later, the project got a lot of attention, and people started to contribute. I got positive feedback, it was amazing! More than 630 commits have been made by 43 contributors and, according to Packagist, it has been installed more than 40k times. Awesome for such a library! As a reminder, Geocoder is an abstraction layer for most of the existing third-party APIs, so it is very specific, and that is why these numbers are even more awesome! It is also my most starred library on GitHub! And it has even been featured by Smashing Magazine on Twitter. Thanks everyone, seriously!

I think it worked because Geocoder has been created to answer only one need, and was small enough. The library was focused on (reverse) geocoding addresses, nothing more, nothing fancy. That is how all libraries should be/have been written.

Earlier this week, I decided to move forward. I am glad to introduce a new website still available at The homepage presents Geocoder as well as its related projects. More projects will join the family soon! Each project has its own documentation page, and a cookbook is about to be written.

Also, a new GitHub organization called geocoder-php has been created to get together all those who are interested in the project. It is important for such a project to be maintained, that is why I asked people to join the new Geocoder family. Our goal is to make Geocoder even better!

Last but not least, Geocoder now has its own shiny logo:

We, the Geocoder team, will try to ship new features, releases and so on as seriously as we are doing it right now. Please, let us know if you like Geocoder or not, and if you missed any features. If you are using Geocoder, or if you have used it in the past, I would be glad to hear back from you! Thank you.

A special thanks to Antoine, Markus, and all contributors.

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