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A Year In Pictures

Putting aside Open Source and work, here are some of my greatest moments in 2014.


Visiting my sister + City Trip — Brussels, Belgium


Clermont'ech 1st Birthday — Clermont-Fd, France


Skiing with friends — French Alps, France


Running — Gergovie, France


Visiting Kevin + City Trip — Montreal, Canada
City Trip + Visiting Jeremy — New York City, USA
Visiting Julien + City Trip — Quebec, Canada


Visiting Hubert + Conference — Lyon, France


Conference — Las Vegas, USA
Road Trip — Somewhere on Road 66, USA
Road Trip — Williams (Arizona), USA
Road Trip — Grand Canyon, USA
Road Trip — Horseshoe Bend, USA
Road Trip — Valley of Fire, USA


Visiting Igor + City Trip — Berlin, Germany
Triathlon (Olympic distance) — Vichy, France


Mountain Biking race with friends (2x85km) — Massif Central, France


Conference — Lyon, France


1st Clermont'ech Workshop (Git) — Clermont-Fd, France


Conference + City Trip — Hanoi, Vietnam

I would like to thank everyone I met either online or in real life over the year as well as my lovely friends ♥ I wish all of you a Happy New Year, and all the best! See you in 2015!

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