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Je N'Ai Rien A Cacher (I've Got Nothing To Hide)

This week, I launched, a website explaining what is wrong with the “nothing to hide” argument, and providing information, data, and facts on this topic. This is my first project written in French (as far as I can remember), however Guyzmo made an English version of the content.

I know quite a lot of people who think they don’t have anything to hide because they are honests and they respect the law. I was a bit tired to always repeat myself, to always find the same articles and studies to prove they did not realize what it meant to say “I’ve got nothing to hide”. I was not aware of any online resource that aimed at gathering as much information as possible, and written in French. Then, earlier this month, Kevin asked Twitter for arguments to explain the issue to his mom. This project was born.

What I started to do was basic: aggregating information from various places, and trying to come up with a website. However, this would not have been possible without the help of Vincent. Yes, it would not have even existed. To be honest, convincing him was the most complicated challenge to me. But as soon as I explained him the project, he was willing to take part in it! After a few weeks of work, we were able to release a first version!

On the first day, more than 8000 unique visitors browsed (thanks Geoffrey for the Piwik instance). I tweeted the link in the morning, and a couple hours after, I submitted it to Hacker News. It stayed on the home page for several hours, which is amazing given that the website is written in French. Someone submitted the website on reddit too, and it has been quite popular as well. All in all, this project got positive feedback, way more than expected to be honest. We now have even more work and ideas to make this website better!

Both the website and its source code are hosted on GitHub. Feel free to give a hand :) You can also follow @rienacacher_fr on Twitter if you want to keep in touch, Vincent will tweet curated resources using the #jnarac hashtag.

Thank you ♥

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