My Life On The Internets: A Year Later

It has been a year since I changed the way I deal with Internet now, and I would like to share some updates. I am pretty satisfied with my current setup, but a few things could be improved.

I am more than happy with Fastmail (affiliate link) for emails, calendars, and contacts. It works very well! It has everything I ever needed, and support team is amazing! The only missing feature is that, when sending an event invitation from my phone or laptop, it uses my Fastmail email, e.g., rather than my own email, i.e. Yet, this should be supported soon.

I do not use any Instant Messaging application anymore. I was a Google Talk user, but as I do not use it anymore, I simply do not use any IM client anymore. It is fine though, since email and SMS work well. Oh, and there is Slack now :-) Unfortunately, I now use WhatsApp, which is a Facebook company now. Not my best choice, but it is a bit like fighting against Skype with family/friends, a tough job.

Another “complicated battle” is related to the use of encrypted emails. I still do send more cleartext emails than encrypted ones. It is a bit sad but definitely understandable. I do not think people care enough about privacy. Also, I do not use iPGMail on my iPhone anymore, and it is likely better since most of the encrypted emails I receive/send are business-related.

A couple months ago, I bought a Raspberry Pi 2 for my place. I wanted to try self-hosting, i.e. hosting at home my server, my data, and my services. I first installed Tiny Tiny RSS, the best RSS feed reader ever! The feature I love is the daily email digest. Every morning, I get an email at 8am, offering a few links to read. Since there is an abstract for each link, I can ignore those I am not interested in so that I do not spend to much time reading.

I also self-host a Pastebin like, called ZeroBin, and lately ownCloud. The latter actually brings a new way of thinking: we can go deeper (Hi Cobb!). Indeed, ownCloud 8 is amazingly stable and fast, and it is now possible to replace Dropbox (or Drive), but also to self-host calendars and contacts. I would not self-host my emails though since emails are rather critical, and should not be unavailable for too long. At work, we chose to self-host most of our tools, including files, calendars, and contacts. I may consider moving my personal calendars/contacts from Fastmail to my ownCloud instance too. In case you do not want to manage your “own” ownCloud, there are countless providers: in France, I would recommend Framadrive.

Last but not least, I keep using Instapaper, the last web application that I am not self-hosting, even though Wallabag seems more and more what I need. What is weird is that I do not know why… Oh, and I still did not find any Disqus alternative.

If you have any suggestions/ideas/whatever or want to share your own experience, comments are open :-)

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