Moziversary #3

Three years at Mozilla, yay! 🎉 It’s my longest time at the same company, and I am now a Staff Software Engineer. What a ride!

A year ago, I wrote that I was starting to be more involved in Firefox. I worked on very diverse projects in 2020 but one of them was super fun: we revamped the AMO statistics and it required backend changes on AMO, some ETL/BigQuery work, and new data collection in Firefox. I worked on all those components and learned a lot of stuff along the way. I also deleted a lot of code, changed a lot of code, contributed to Firefox for Android (Fenix), created new libraries to support the work of my team, continued to work on security stuff, and even wrote some PHP lately.

My role is constantly evolving. By knowing every bit of the AMO platform and expanding my skill sets with contributions in Firefox, I am hoping to have a wider vision of add-ons in general, from a technical perspective. I am doing my best to bridge the gap between the AMO and WebExtensions engineering teams, which will be welcomed as more Product requirements need changes in both contexts.

Now, thinking about the last 12 months, there are areas that I would like to improve.

I mentioned it above, I work on very different projects and components. It’s exciting because I am never bored, I can help many folks and I learn a lot but context switching is hard. My tmux session has ~10 windows open all the time nowadays (one per project) so I had to adapt. I wrote a bunch of scripts to automate some maintenance tasks, I started to dedicate specific days to certain projects, and I learned to be more strict about priorities. I still have some work to do on that front, though.

I noticed that all these different projects kinda “forced” me to “move fast”, and too fast actually. It didn’t negatively impact anything (yet) but I’ve definitely been reminded that the answer to my question was in the GitHub issue that I had just read. Hence I am working on taking more time to think… and I’ll also take the opportunity to refine my communication skills.

Last, I am extremely happy at Mozilla and I am super lucky to be part of the amazing Add-ons team. I would like to thank everyone in my team as well as all the folks I worked with so far! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you ❤️

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Photo used on social media by Jennie Brown.


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